• Audi scheduled and preventative maintenance services

  • Tuning Factory provides off warranty scheduled maintenance as per Audi specifications using OEM or OEM equivalent products. We offer services such as
  • Oil and filter change
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Dsg fluid and filter replacement
  • Walnut blasting to clear up carbon build up
  • Air and cabin filter replacement
  • With our experience with Audi, we are confident in also providing a preventative maintenance program which would in return save on costly repairs.
  • Audi Repairs

  • Tuning Factory provides a long list of mechanical repairs for Audi vehicles. With years of working with Audi we have special tools and access to OEM and OEM equivalent products to ensure a successful repair, backed with our 24,000 kms/2 year warranty. Some repairs we have solutions for
  • Timing chain failures
  • Engine replacement
  • Turbocharger replacement
  • Water pump replacement
  • Brakes and Suspension repairs
  • Window regulator replacement
  • Oil consumption solutions
  • Cylinder scoring solutions
  • High pressure fuel pump failures
  • Engine Light Diagnosing & Repairs

  • Tuning Factory has the latest equipment to diagnose the check engine light and to pinpoint the location of the problem rather than guess and throw parts at the vehicle. We have diagnosed many faults from p0299, p0171, p0174, p0300 with success.
  • Electrical Diagnosing & Repairs
  • Tuning Factory provides electrical gremlin solutions for Audi. Whether it is a broken wire, a failed module that is draining the battery, battery not charging or vehicle not starting. We also offer audio installs and any other aftermarket accessories.
  • Performance Modifications
  • Tuning Factories philosophy is Tuning for balance, meaning we like building Audi's for road and track while being comfortable. With access to a wide parts catalogue we can modify the Audi for speed and performance; Without the heavy clutch engagement, without the excessive turbo lag, without the harsh ride when it comes to suspension. We always want our fellow enthusiasts to enjoy their vehicle to the fullest while maintaining reliability, functionality and safe to the track and back home.
  • Tires and wheels
  • We offer tire and wheel packages to meet your driving requirements no matter the season, from our beautiful Foothills summers to harsh icy conditions.
    We carry top tire brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Nokian and more
    We offer summer and winter wheel sets for the Audi enthusiast, from brands such as TSW, Rotiform, Vorsteiner and more.
  • Brake Service
  • If your brake system is experiencing squealing brakes or the brake pad wear indicator has come on we carry OEM Audi and OEM equivalent aftermarket brake pads and rotors. We also carry performance based brake system components to meet the drivers requirements.

    We offer brake fluid flushes which is recommended every 2 years as it absorbs moisture and the brake pedal becomes soft
  • Suspension
  • If your Audi is experiencing rattles, harsh noises, poor handling or just want to improve the handling with performance parts we have the proper experience, tools/equipment and top tier replacement parts to make sure we meet your requirements.
  • Drivetrain Service, repairs and performance upgrades
  • Maintain your Audi Quattro system by servicing the differentials, transfer case, Haldex, transmission and s tronic system to ensure it does not encounter premature failure. We also offer clutch replacement packages from companies such as Sachs and Exedy based on needs from economical to performance based builds
  • Engine
  • We have extensive experience with all Audi engines from the early 1.8T, 2.7T, 2.8, 3.0 models to the latest and greatest FSI and TFSI based engines ranging from 2.0T, 2.5T, 2.9T, 3.0T, 4.0T, 5.2.

    If your timing chain is rattling on the 2.0T or has failed already, we offer solutions for this problem. We also have solutions for oil consumption issues, cam adjuster problems as found on the 4.0T engine, coolant and oil leaks and any other mechanical issues related to Audi engines. We offer preventative maintenance programs to address these issues before it causes more damage or leaves you stranded.

    We offer performance packages from bolt on turbo kits to full engines builds with parts from our reputable partners.
  • Diagnostics
  • Equipped with Audi specific software we can address many electrical issues and performance issues with the vehicle due to engine light indicating a problem with your Audi.
  • Audi Performance Upgrades
  • Turbo & Supercharger upgrade kits 
  • Winter, summer and track specific wheel and tire packages 
  • Brake system upgrades 
  • Suspension & Handling performance kits 
  • Lighting system upgrades 
  • Stereo system installs 
  • Exhaust system modifications 
  • Intake system modifications 
  • 1.8T, 2.0T, 2.5T, 2.7T, VR6 Engine builds