BMW Services

Your BMW has a factory maintenance schedule. Tuning Factory Properly maintains your BMW vehicle to ensure performance and safety is at optimal conditions at all times.

As an independent service and repair shop specializing in BMW vehicles you can expect superior repair quality at prices highly competitive to the dealership and maintain your manufacturer's warranty from BMW.

We only use Genuine BMW parts or aftermarket products meeting or exceeding Genuine BMW quality

You get the same quality workmanship without the dealership expense. We always follow BMW factory procedures when performing any repair.

Our parts and labour is backed by 24 Month/40,000 KM


Keep your BMW running in pristine condition at all times with our care package catered specifically to the BMW 1,2 3,4, Z, X3 and X4 series.

We offer tire and wheel packages for BMW from summer tires, all season tires and winter tires to handle the Foothills winters.

Brake pads, Brake Rotors and Brake Fluid are common service items for BMW. Keep brake service upto date for your BMW to prevent major repairs.

Keep your BMW suspension in optimum condition with routine checkups due to the foothills rough roads and slippery conditions in the winter. We offer all types of suspension repairs and performance upgrades.

Keep your Xdrive in good working order for your BMW as it is the key component to get you through the harsh foothills winters. Don’t get stranded on back roads or lose control in slippery conditions. Stay up to date with regular fluid changes for your differentials and transfer case to prevent major repairs.

BMW came with the Dual Clutch Transmission, manual transmission and the automatic transmission. Regardless of which transmission came in your BMW, routine service is highly recommended to ensure a long life of the components to avoid costly repairs. We offer performance clutches for the manual transmission, and performance upgrades for DCT and Automatic transmissions.

With many years of experience working on BMW, we have specific knowledge with the common failure points for these engines which we can prevent through our preventative maintenance program. We are equipped with the engine specific tooling along with our trusted parts suppliers and knowledge. We also offer performance packages to increase power output in a reliable manner.

We offer turbo and supercharger related performance products to increase power output. We have various single turbo or twin turbo options for the new generation BMW inline 4 and 6 engines. We also carry a variety of supercharger kits for previous models.

Our Services for BMW


Routine & preventative maintenance ensures your BMW is always in a healthy state. We provide routine service based on BMW vehicle specific maintenance guide. We offer preventative maintenance services based on our experience working with BMW specific models for the last 20 years. If your BMW does require a minor or major mechanical repair, We can diagnose it, repair it and get you back on track in a timely manner.

Performance Upgrades

Tuning Factory provides your BMW with various modifications from Bolton modification and performance builds to improve many aspects of the vehicle, such as safety, reliability, handling, performance, braking and sound.

BMW Models
We Service

We provide service, repairs and performance upgrades for the following vehicles

  • 1 Series
  • 2 Series
  • 3 Series
  • 4 Series
  • Z Series
  • X3 & X4
  • Sedan

BMW Engines
We Service

We Service

  • M20/M50/M52/M54/N52
  • N54/N55/B58
  • N20/N26/B48
  • S14/550/S52/S54/S65/S55/S58
  • S62/585/S63

BMW Transmissions We Service

We Service

  • DCT
  • SMG
  • Older 5HP Transmissions

Throughout Foothills,Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Diamond Valley, Okotoks, Dewinton, South Calgary, Millarville, High River and other surrounding areas we service and repair BMW vehicles.